BR-CV bioreactor for sparkling wine production

At LEV2050 we have different models of bioreactors. Today we are going to talk about the patented BR-CV model bioreactors, specially designed for sparkling wine production.

BR-CV bioreactor

Regarding the BR-CV bioreactor, it is a bioreactor for yeast and lactic bacteria multiplication, lees battonage or yeast lysate. Wineries can also use it for the controlled adaptation of yeast to secondary fermentation.

It is an internationally patented model with a unique additional function: yeast growth and subsequent controlled adaptation to ethanol.

Biorreactor BR-CV LEV2050

This bioreactor offers multiple advantages.

First of all, thanks to its use, there are significant time savings in the winery. The adaptation to ethanol of the yeast recently grown in the BR-CV takes place inside the equipment in a fully automated way. Thanks to this, the winery does not have to keep an eye on the “pied de cuve”. The BR-CV software controls it, with specific culture media. It provides the best conditions of oxygenation, agitation, temperature and nutrition for each different moment of the process.

In addition, it achieves very high concentrations of vital and viable ethanol-adapted yeasts. This increases the organoleptic profile of the “pied de cuve”. Therefore, with a very small quantity of this “pied de cuve” from the BR-CV, we can carry out the tirage with less interference with the organoleptic profile of the base wine. The result: very expressive sparkling wines that are true to the base wine.

Also, the high cell concentration and vitality achieved by using the BR-CV bioreactor means greater fermentation safety.

Finally, as it is a fully automated process, it achieves a high degree of traceability, increasing control and reproducibility in the “pied de cuve”.

There are different sizes depending on the volume of sparkling wine of each process.

We installed this equipment in wineries in different countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Argentina, achieving sparkling wines with a superior expressiveness in renowned wineries of different D.O.


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