Bioreactors shipment to clients

Hello everybody!

The harvest is slowly approaching, which means that the patented bioreactors of LEV2050 are starting to be on their way to clients.

From LEV2050, we are sending the bioreactors to different wineries. We have two types of bioreactors: BR-LEV-LC and BR-CV. This last one is also used for the production of automated pied de cube for sparkling wine. Both equipment have different models, depending on the production of each client. Weh ave from 150 litres, to 2500 litres.

Both bioreactors offer great advantages for our customers:

  • Great economical savings in the multiplication of yeasts, bacteria, fungi and mannoproteins generation
  • Important time savings in the preparation of inoculums
  • Increased vitality and viability of inoculums, with an improvement of the fermentative capacity
  • Improved quality of the final product: aroma and structure
  • Automation and traceability: control and reproducibility in seeding

Along with the bioreactors, we are also sending products to our clients. Some of these products are MULTILEV (culture medium for the growth of yeasts in bioreactors), LACTILEV (culture medium for bacterial growth in bioreactors), and LIA-LEV (cell lysis medium for lees battonage or to generate mannoproteins in bioreactors). We also have these products certified as ecological (MULTILEV ECO, LACTILEV ECO and LIA-LEV ECO). All of them are products that guarantee an easy use of our bioreactors and above all, a high performance in the growth of microorganisms.

Along with these products, we also send other products to be used directly in fermentation, such as mixed or 100% organic nutrients, also certified as ecological, as well as detoxifiers and a patented product to eliminate reductions without leaving residues.

The equipment is usually transported by road, with trucks suitable for transport and handling. However, we have also shipped equipment to South America or European islands, such as Corsica, by ship.

Here you can see a pre-shipment image of one of our Bioreactors, specifically the BR-LEV-LC10 model (1.000 L capacity model).

Biorreactor LEV2050

If you are interested in knowing more about LEV2050, our products, or about the bioreactors we have talked about, do not hesitate to visit our web or contact us. We will give you all the information you need.