Bioreactor model BR-CV: sparkling wines

LEV2050, a leading company in the microbiology sector, has different models of bioreactors: BR-LEV-LC and BR-CV. The BR-CV model bioreactor is a patented bioreactor for yeast and lactic bacteria multiplication, lees bâtonnage and controlled adaptation of yeast to secondary fermentation.


The BR-CV model is a bioreactor for sparkling wines.

This bioreactor has a unique function: yeast multiplication and subsequent controlled adaptation to ethanol for sparkling wines.

Furthermore, this model is also capable of carrying out the same functions as the BR-LEV-LC model:

  • Multiply yeasts (and also fungi).
  • Multiply bacteria (lactic bacteria and others).
  • Lysing or bâtonnage (to obtain mannoproteins).
  • Biocontrol and biofertilisation (increased yield and vitality of micro-organisms for agricultural applications).

Moreover, the BR-CV model provides exclusive advantages for sparkling wines comparing to the traditional process.

  • Automation. Yeast multiplication and adaptation to ethanol is continuous and controlled. The addition of sugar, wine, nutrients, temperature control and oxygen flows are programmed and controlled at each stage.
  • Increased cell concentration > 200 million cells/mL (4 times more concentration than a traditional process). Enables less volume addition in the sparkling wine process. Increased viability > 90 % even in 5-day maintenance after generation of the pied de cuve.

In addition to these advantages, thanks to the use of the bioreactor there is an improvement of the aromatic profile due to the optimal oxygenation of the whole process (to avoid reductions and oxidations), there is less interference in the aromatic profile of the base wine (we add a quarter of the volume compared to a traditional vat foot, due to the high concentration generated), and expressive and clean pied de cuve are generated (viability and vitality of the cells > 90%).

In summary, the automation of the BR-CV bioreactor process results in reduced workload, traceability and reproducibility of the process. It also provides a high degree of fermentation safety.


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