Bioagriculture: The first link in the sustainable chain

In recent years, concern for the environment has triggered interest in the use of sustainable solutions instead of chemical products. The agri-food sector has responded to this concern by using micro-organisms. They are able to effectively replace chemical products used for the same purpose.

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First of all, let’s focus on agriculture. In particular, agriculture is now facing greater use restrictions in a more competitive environment. This forces them to maintain yields with a smaller ecological footprint. The European Commission’s guidelines in the Farm to Fork strategy set concrete targets on the use of pesticides and fertilisers to reduce their use by 30-50% by 2030.

In this scenario, the use of microorganisms as biocontrol, biofertilisation and biostimulation agents is gaining ground. These micro-organisms are guaranteeing the required production and quality needs. Therefore, the use of such micro-organisms is no longer restricted to organic farming. It is becoming a useful tool in all types of crops.

Regarding our company, LEV2050, we are convinced that the future lies in more health-friendly lines using fewer chemicals in the food chain. In this sense, we understand microorganisms as biofactories that represent an inexhaustible source of biological tools. In fact, our knowledge and innovation in industrial microbiology allows us to work actively in the biocontrol of diseases in the field. At LEV2050 we also develop biofertilisation and biostimulation services, offering our clients integral solutions. In summary, the aim is to use microorganisms in an effective and efficient way, mapping out processes. In this way we guarantee the quality and performance of our customers.

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