Automation of industrial processes

LEV2050 offers an innovative solution customised for each client: process automation.

Through processes automation, we offer the possibility of providing plant automation. We offer solutions to the customer’s needs and problems, using for that the latest technology, and respecting the industry standards.

This process is designed for all types of companies. In LEV2050 we carry it out from the simplest production controls, through the most complete command and control stations, to camera systems for production or surveillance. We try to incorporate the use of our systems and technologies as easily as possible into daily work. To do so we connect it with existing systems or we implement new solutions. We carry out comprehensive start-ups, until it works correctly, and the integration with the rest of the client’s services is as desired.

This automation process offers great advantages for our clients. For example, great saving of time, as well as increase in the control and traceability of the process and product.

This process automation can be carried out for multiple sectors: the wine sector, the brewing sector, the bakery sector, the meat sector, the dairy sector,… In other words, for any industrial process. We are present in a multitude of industrial processes, studying each process in each industry to provide the best solution. That is, the process automation is totally customised.

Other products

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