A rising sector: industrial microbiology (iFood)

Hello again! LEV2050 is in the news again. We are pleased to present you the article on industrial microbiology. It appears in the 64th edition of the iFood magazine of the group Interempresas.

In this article, we explain the increasing importance of microbiology in our lives. It is present inside us, for example in human pathologies, and of course, in the food industry. Many products we consume every day have a fermentative origin. In these products, the participation of bacteria, yeast and fungi is necessary.

We also mention the future growth of industrial microbiology. This is partly because of the fact that due to the nutritional demands of humanity, new protein sources are being explored. The candidates that are on the market nowadays are fungi-based protein sources. There is an emerging growth in the production of microbial-based proteins.

What do we do at LEV2050?

We have entered the highly interesting field of biocontrol of diseases in agriculture with the use of microorganisms that are safe both for human health and for the environment. This allows to carry out pest control biologically instead of using chemical products. The same applies to the use of biofertilisers.

Following the whole food chain process route, there is also waste management, waste revaluation and bioremediation, where LEV2050 is also present. Again, the microorganisms are involved in first person.

As you know, at LEV2050 we provide patented bioreactors or multipliers of yeasts, bacteria, fungi or other microorganisms to be installed at the customer’s facilities.

We are capable of generating personalised biomass and developing any customised industrial process involving any type of microorganism. In other words, we can carry out personalised projects for each client.


Here below is the link to the article, in case you want to read it completely: