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LEV2050 is a company dedicated to industrial microbiology.

We started our activities in 2011 with studies on the selection of yeasts and lactic bacteria in the wine sector. From the beginning, we have focused on uniqueness, personalization and the concept of terroir and biodiversity through an industrial use of local fermentation starters, while avoiding the standardized use of yeasts and universal lactic bacteria offered on the market.

A step forward was the decision to use so-called Non-Saccharomyces, yeasts that previously had not been used industrially and which are now appreciated for their important effect at both aromatic and structural levels.

We offer a comprehensive service, as we not only isolate autochthonous microorganisms, but also produce them in biomass in a highly individual manner.

In 2014 we successfully launched the ®LEV2050 series of patented bioreactors taking advantage of our knowledge and experience as yeast and bacteria manufacturers.

In 2015 we leveraged personalized nutrition, which means that each winery uses nutrients from its own vineyards to add even more fully unique and autochthonous character.

We have recently expanded our knowledge to other sectors such as brewing, meat, dairy and bakery products, and are again focusing on the use of individual microorganisms as fermentation starters and the introduction of our bioreactors in these industries.

We are actively working on biological disease control in the vineyard and organic fertilization, as we are aware that the future will be defined by healthier and less chemical processes in the food chain.

LEV2050 is today a leading wine sector company in terms of bioreactors, customized microorganism production and the selection of yeasts, lactic bacteria and personalized nutrition.

We work with the most renowned wineries of the different Denominations of Origin and are currently expanding our market to other countries such as the USA, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, France and Italy.

Our services, be it microorganism selection studies, the ®LEV2050 patented bioreactor engineering or custom biomass production, can be tailored to any business sector.

Our ambition is to further expand and innovate in industrial microbiology moving towards other sectors such as brewing, baking, meat and dairy industries, while focusing on sustainability and leveraging existing biodiversity in every agri-food sector.

At LEV2050 we believe that companies are anchored in their human values.

That’ s why we offer a dynamic environment in the field of industrial microbiology innovation with professional development oportunities.

If you are a flexible, trained professional eager to grow with us, you are the one we are looking for!

Please send us your résumé so we can get in touch with you!

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